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The virtual canteen that delivers delicious, individual lunches to your office
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Whether you're 20 or 2,000 staff, Kiosk is a virtual canteen that can satisfy everyone's tastes by delivering personalised, delicious lunches to your office at zero cost to your company.

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Back to Work?

As your staff return to work, they're probably struggling with the 'new normal' of their lunch break. Navigating one-way systems, off-limit lifts and queuing for supermarkets – all within a 30-minute window, makes adjusting to being back more difficult than it should be.

At Kiosk we deliver premium lunches to people in workplaces. Your staff can create an account and order themselves, but our Business Accounts come with some useful perks for your organisation.

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Chef-prepped lunches without the price tag to match

All of our food is made here in Manchester.

We control every part of the experience from the design of the menu, through to its production and delivery using our own uniformed delivery staff. This means we can use premium ingredients, deliver a better service and still offer a lower cost alternative to 'middleman' food delivery apps that add their cut on top of what you pay.

Full lunches start from just £4 per person, making this a cost-effective perk to boost morale if you decide to subsidise part or all of the food your team orders.

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* Existing hospitality clients and invited companies only

Getting Started with Kiosk

Staff sign up using a special link or code we generate for your company. They control their own preferences and add their own payment details.

They order. Every day they can choose from multiple chef-prepped menu items on a menu that changes every fortnight.

We deliver within a delivery window and they receive a notification to let them know. Deliveries are all contactless.

If you choose to subsidise some or all of their order, we’ll issue a weekly invoice for the difference. You can see full breakdowns in your portal.

Take full control of deliveries with a Business Account

Anyone can sign up for an Individual Account on Kiosk to order food to their workplace. Creating a Business Account gives you extra control and added perks, including £125 in vouchers for your staff to use on their first order.

  • Staff can pay for meals themselves, or you can subsidise some or all of their spend
  • Detailed weekly invoices. Only pay for subsidies that are actually used.
  • Issue one-off vouchers for the occasional thank you, or for staff recognition
  • Subside meals for specific individuals, groups or whole departments.
  • Grant managers or team leaders their own budgets and the ability to control their team’s spend.
  • Assign multiple permissions to different people based on their role
  • Business accounts can set and restrict delivery windows for all orders arriving at their company to minimise disruption.
  • Control specified drop-off points for your building.
  • Designate break out areas or meeting rooms as drop-off points for additional capacity if needed.
Request Early Access *

* Existing hospitality clients and invited companies only

The low-cost alternative to an on-site canteen

For companies with less than 200 staff on-site, an in-house canteen doesn’t make financial sense. Even with a canteen, companies are struggling to adapt as many of their staff are still furloughed or working from home.

We offer all the benefits of a staff canteen without the cost or commitment. Staff order on-demand from a constantly changing menu of chef-prepped lunch options. We offer free contactless delivery to your office and notify your team when their lunches have arrived.

Your employees stay on site, reducing the risk of crowded cafes and supermarkets and we help them save precious time in their lunch break.

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Frequently asked questions

Kiosk for Business is free for companies. By default, unless you wish to change it, your staff will order and pay for their own food using their own payment method.

If you wish to subsidise all or part of their lunch, you will be invoiced for the amount you choose to subsidise. There are no costs for using Kiosk for Business, and you can use the platform free of charge just to centralise delivery times and delivery locations within your building.

Ordering with Kiosk is simple.

First, staff will need an account. They can sign up directly as a standalone account, or use the code that you provide if you have a Kiosk Business account to join your company.

Once they have an account, they can order through the website on their mobile, tablet or desktop computer, or through our forthcoming app for mobiles and tablets.

If you have a business account, you can also order as the company if you want to make to a large order for special events or external guests.

You can choose to issue a subsidy or voucher to pay for all or some of an employee’s order with us.

When you create a new subsidy in your portal you’ll be asked for things like:

  • Whether this is a one-off (voucher) or ongoing (subsidy) feature on your company's account
  • Should the subsidy be offered to everyone or just selected employees or departments
  • Should it applied automatically, or do employees need to enter a code first
  • If it repeats, does it repeat every day or just certain days
  • Is there a limit in value or is it limited to certain items

This gives you the flexibility, for example, to offer perks based on complex rules like:

  • Free lunch to the customer care team only, on Fridays up to a maximum value of £5 or
  • 50% of an employee’s lunch paid for by the company for the next three months or
  • Free cookies and cakes to a specific team as a one-off gesture of goodwill.

Alternatively, if you want to reward yourself (as the company director) for a job well done with free lunch for life you can do that too. It will be a total abuse of power, but we’re not here to judge 🤷.

We provide multiple layers of security within Kiosk to ensure our user's data is both secure and private. Some the things we do include:

  • Using 256 Bit SSL encryption to secure all communication between your device and our servers.
  • Using a dedicated server from UK Fast (based here in Manchester) to ensure your identifiable data never leaves the country and complies with our data policy. User data for inactive accounts can be set to auto-delete after 60 days of inactivity.
  • Using 2 factor verification whenever we detect a sign in attempt outside of a user’s regular pattern. We can also (optionally) restrict signups to anyone with an email on your company’s domain for additional security.
  • Using tokenisation to store your card details. This means we never see a user’s credit card information. The information is stored directly on our payment processor’s PCI compliant server (Stripe) and accessed by us using a security token. Even in the event of a data breach, your payment details will never be compromised by us.